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Our proactive approach sets us apart from other contractors, Other contractors operate on a reactive basis, the respond to problems after they have happened and typically only deal with that individual problem.
We identify and remedy minor problems before they become major problems. The proactive approach saves you money and ensures the safe efficient operation of your home




A Certified Home Technician visits your home on quarterly basis to service home components.


Remedial Services


Handyman services are provided on an as needed basis. These handyman services are only provided to our customers to ensure that you have full time access to our personnel


Major Repair Services


When a major repair is required, we are your personal project coordinator and take care of everything. We will source the suppliers and trades and recommend who to use. We will then supervise the activity, pay the service, and invoice you.

Emergency Home Servicing

Emergency help is available 24 hours a day. Since we document the major components of your home in our initial visit, we have the necessary information to dispatch the right personnel when an emergency arises.

Window repair


Window replacement


Custom Windows


Glass replacement in window


Hardwood Floor refinishing


Laminate installation








Leaks, gaps or cracks in caulk, wood damage


Water heater bursts, house floods, floors destroyed


Rust, dirty water, leaks, lack of heat


Debris, leaky seams, inadequate drainage


Curled or missing shingles, roof debris, moss


Failed caulking, grout, softflooring


Rooted flooring, structuraldamage


Roof leaks; water damage to floors, walls


Damage to foundation, siding, gutters and eaves


Water heater bursts, house floods, floors destroyed


 Inspect and clean gutters, downspouts, drainage quarterly


Inspect flashing, caulking, paint and weather stripping annually


•All hardwood floors regardless of how the floor has been finished must be properly maintained to ensure the beauty and life of the floor.


•Every floor must be dust mopped, vacuumed or swept with a soft bristle broom daily, or as often as necessary, to remove grit and dust from the surface. Walking on dusty or dirty floor is the fastest way to damage a finish.


Change light bulbs
Change outlets
Replace chandelier
Replace Blinds'
install stove, Washing Machine, Dryer
Ikea furniture